Re: Poor Hoof Integrity & Bounding Pulses Without Being IR?

Frances C.

Hi Angelica, this is interesting and I might be right off the wall. I monitored my mare pulse rate every day, twice a day for 2 months. I wrote down: time of day, air temperature,exercise if any,  respiration rate and of course pulse rate to see if there was any pattern  in what I was recording and indeed there was with elevations of resp./pulse going higher with higher air temps and also a tendency for the rate to increase in the afternoons. I also did this work under the shade and felt for heat in her hoofs. Sometimes her feet felt hotter than other times but there was no detectable pattern to this. I realize your question has to do with a digital pulse  (a pounding pulse) and not a normal pulse rate but seems to me that alterations in immediate environment such as air temp. time of day could have an impact. Additionally, with my vet's blessing administered 10 cc Banamine (not sure on the amount of Banamine-this was years ago) and monitored her pulse every half hour for about 8 hours (heart rate over 60 bpm) to see if this rapid pulse was being caused by pain. The Banamine had no effect at all and we reached the conclusion that the rapid pulse was not being caused by pain.
- Frances C.
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