My IR gelding Jack is already having a tough time with heaves this summer. He seems to do worse when it's humid, sometimes expending increased effort to breath in the early mornings even though it's not too warm yet. He's turned out in a dry lot unless the weather is bad., which has been unfortunately off and on for a few days due to thunderstorms. His hay is soaked and he gets soaked beet pulp with some timothy alfalfa pellets,  flax 4 oz, spirulina 20 grams, j herb 5 grams and chondroitin 6 grams all twice a day, plus vitamin E, copper and zinc.

Jack does get Albuterol 55 cc as needed with dexamethasone used sparingly when things get really bad (so far once this year). 

Is anyone familiar with Respi-Free by Omega Alpha? Would it be okay to use?

Any suggestions on what night help would be appreciated.

Jennifer & Mill & Jack
Middle TN  2010




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