Re: Feed 1.5% or 2% of body weight?


It is/was confusing to me also.... I think the ECIR recommendation is to feed whichever amount(1.5% or 2%)  is Greater to ensure horse is getting enough forage.
So yes in some cases  you would be feeding more......The Key I think is ECIR wants to ensure horse is getting adequate forage, so the way I interpret it is 2% is really the baseline to feed unless you are wanting weight loss and 1.5% calcs out to be greater than 2%.   Once you get him to his target weight feed 2% and adjust if needed. 
Someone else here can confirm or correct me.

Fwiw our vet actually recommended we feed our obese/IR  mustang an amount slightly less than 1.5% of target weight along with ration balancer in order to get him from over 1100+ lbs down to his target weight of 900.   For him, it worked but he was fed small amounts frequently 24 hours per day via some 'automatic' hay feeders I built and no he had ill  effects such as colic or ulcer symptoms.   His weight loss was stubborn and slow at first but once he got to a certain point he lost a lot of weight rapidly(~250 lbs in about 8 months on dry lot with soaked hay and ration balancer only) .  We have ramped up his ration a bit now and monitoring to ensure we keep his weight around 900.    Hoping some day he can have access to some pasture time again - not there yet.   YMMV.
Joe S. in TX 2020

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