Trouble finding suitable hay

Kim Leitch

I am having trouble finding low ESC hay this year. I have tested 5 different growers, 4 local growers (NC and SC), and one from NY. All the local hay was way over 10% ESC. The  NY timothy is 9.2% ESC and 0.8% starch. I have added a photo of th NY hay analysis to Dually’s photo album. 

I looked back over all my hay analysis from past years, and the highest ESC +starch has been around 6%, and my horses have done well. I am going to buy this hay, because it’s the best I can find, but I’m afraid to feed it without soaking it. Am I being over cautious? Soaking hay is not a long term option for me, it will probably lead to divorce (only joking). I know many of you do it all the time, but with 5 feedings a day for 4 horses, that is too many hours out of my day.
So my question is, can I feed this without soaking?
Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

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