Re: Very High Insulin Results


Hi Dr. Kellon,


I have e-mailed you with no response in regards to the secondary insulin test to BET labs.  I provided your contact information to my veterinarian’s office and the vet tech received no response to two inquiries.  I gave her the information at least a week before the appointment but she didn’t let me know she received no response until she arrived with the veterinarian to draw the blood.  Maybe everything has landed in a spam folder? Crackers’ blood was drawn for Cornell this past Monday and I had them draw the insulin for BET labs as well and told them to proceed and I will pay for it.  Not sure what has happened with the ECIR offer.  I am a bit embarrassed by the whole thing because I talk up ECIR quite a bit (broken record) referring to ECIR information in regards to his treatment. They already look at me skeptically and now they have a reason too.  When the BET results come in, should I post them along with the Cornell results in the main forum as well as on Crackers’ case history?

Thank you.

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