Re: Trouble finding suitable hay

Kim Leitch

I might be trying to relay too much i one post, but here goes..

Sally, it would be great if we could exchange hay results. My latest test was on NY Timothy, and it was 9.2% ESC and0.8% starch.

Kathleen, Do you want to see all my out of spec test results? If so, I can email you four of them. The fifth is in my pony’s (Dually) photo album.

Finally, a question, if I feed the Timothy in Dually’s photo album without soaking, how many days do I wait to have insulin tested to see if it is a problem?
Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

Grits and Dually: IR; Bella: PPID, IR; and Eeyore (deceased, but not PPID related)

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