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I don’t know the answer to your question, Kim, so I’m not sure why I’m posting.  I did read a bit of the popular literature and it seems that no one can agree on whether or not feeding fermented hay is reasonable.  I know when I first had horses here in Vermont, decades ago, there were farmers who fed silage to their horses.  With our short rainy summers, getting enough good hay was difficult but silage is plentiful.  I’ve never done that myself.  I would think the fermentation conditions might be important as you don’t want anything unpalatable or moldy.  I also read that horses are not going to eat it willingly as the sugars have been fermented away.  So, my take from this is that your horse will probably eat around the fermented part and might even benefit from that it accidentally ingests.  Here is a link to Chaffhaye, a fermented alfalfa product for horses, which I think I’ve seen mentioned here a few times.

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