Re: Weight Gain Woes

Maxine McArthur

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 07:41 AM, Kirsten Rasmussen wrote:
Wow.  For perspective, I just paid 250$ for ACTH, insulin and glucose here in Canada, plus 80$ shipping and a 45$ collection fee (which does not include the call-out and travel charges for the visit)...I know our $ is worth less, but not THAT much less!
And here in Australia, I pay $110 for ACTH, $120 for insulin, plus call-out around $80 and handling $50+. Double the test costs for two horses. It's a great incentive to keep their diet tight and save on the insulin test... 
If I come away with change from $500 I'm thankful (sometimes I manage to share call-out fee with someone else on the property). 

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