Re: Scooter's newest case history is posted. His IR calculator result says he has uncompensated IR. Is this good/bad? and what do I need to do?

Rhonda Turley

I was not able to get entrance to the barn from early March to end of May due to government closure.  Yes this was very frustrating.  All I could do was drop off vet prescribed Prascend, Insulinwise (very expensive), Biotin and Zinc, Blacks Bio-Plus.  None of these supplements worked and I got rid of them.  On June 10 the barn was open and I had started on Mad Barn AminoTrace+. He is receiving 2 scoops (not 2 cups).  There was a noticeable difference the next day.  I had found Mad Barn Vitamin E and added that in, plus salt, plus flax seed, salt plus Mad Barn probiotic.  all this got mixed into Timothy Balance Cubes which act as his grain and he was eating it regularly.  The hay amount is only a guess as they have no way to weigh it.  I have spent a lot of time educating barn staff and barn owner.  I think they understand that he can't have alfalfa!.  Currently doing well and looking good.  Putting him on the AminoTrace+ has helped his feet a lot.  Has been sound with no ouchiness for last 3 weeks.  I have started just walking him in the indoor arena.  Currently doing well with 30 minutes hand walking.  I got the farrier and vet to work together for the first trim and he has been having trims every 3 weeks now.  Still a way to go.  Not trying to muscle him up yet.  That will come next year.  1250lbs was his competition weight as an advanced level dressage horse. i will increase the flax seed level as to your suggestion.  No laminitis or abscess episodes.  His energy level is coming back as well.
Scooter and Rhonda      

Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020

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