Re: Scooter's newest case history is posted. His IR calculator result says he has uncompensated IR. Is this good/bad? and what do I need to do?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Good to hear he is doing better and getting regular trims!  I can't help with your ferriten question, that's best left to Dr Kellon.

I'm curious why the hay cannot be weighed if they are already doing the work of soaking it?   I have a little 5$ digital luggage scale hanging from my feed room ceiling that I use,  and a big round plastic feed tub that I hang from it and add hay to.  It only holds about 5 lbs, which I dump into a net for soaking and feeding.  I make up 3 nets once a day to feed 15lbs total.  It's really easy.  Anyways, pick your battles and keep educating the barn are making great progress with them eliminating alfalfa and soaking the grass hay. 

I would be concerned about his uncompensated IR status if the hay was being soaked when his blood work was done, though, and ECIR would still recommend doing new ACTH, insulin and glucose again before we are fully into the seasonal rise if you can.

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