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Kirsten, yes, you are correct that there's a chance the other horse is eating more than his share of the hay. I've not separated the horses and weighed Audi's hay apart from his buddy's. That said, the hay nets are never allowed to run out, so Audi has the opportunity to eat as much as he wants. I realize there could be a chance that he's not chewing thoroughly and/or isn't fully digesting his hay, but all in all, I don't think that really explains his inability to gain. He's been on his improved diet for more than a month now, and the diet is providing a significant number of calories & nutrients in a form that should be easy for him to chew and digest.  Since he was previously receiving *far* less bagged feed, I think he should have showed some gain by now if his main problem had been his lack of/inability to derive nutrition from hay. However, he really isn't showing any significant change in body condition that I can appreciate. I think that highly suggests something else is going on, but please someone correct me if I am wrong.

There's such a wide variation in test prices! Interesting!

I pulled blood this morning for Audi's new labs. I should have the chem panel results by the end of the day, as they are running that in-house. I also requested ACTH & insulin. Interestingly, I noticed  that A&M lists insulin as a referral, and the lab they send out to is Cornell's. Bah!

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