Re: Weight Gain Woes


Despite his bag o' bones appearance, Audi is definitely the dominant horse, so I'm sure Mo is not stealing his food. (Actually, now that Audi is less lethargic on pergolide, Mo has been sporting quite a few war wounds from trying to cross Audi. Nothing serious.) And they are generally happy to eat side by side, plus their "hard feeds" are always fed with them separated, so I am sure each horse is getting his calculated amount of the cubes,flax, safe starch, and minerals.

Admittedly, feeding the hay while the horses are on track has beena challenge. Audi needs all he can get, while Mo is an air fern. I've considered a grazing muzzle for Mo (no actual grazing on the track but rather to slow down his hay intake), but fussing with putting it on and off is just one more thing to mess with each day. More importantly, I'm not sure eating the hayis doing Mo any harm. Our current hay is very low s/s. Mo's maybe slightly overweight but not cresty. And as for Audi, he still has all the hay in front of him that he can/wants to eat, so I think they should both be fine with the current arrangement?

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