Re: My new mare is on Regumate having Cornell testing done?

Trisha DePietro

Hi Laura. Just something for you to consider...some folks build a box and place the hay net inside the box and anchor it to the bottom. This way, if your horse tries to pull the net out she can't and shod feet can't tango with the net. I have also seen some folks build a small roof ( above horse height of course) over the top of the box to protect hay from rain, snow, etc. This will elminate any tooth concerns with metal grates. I also give a free flake to my horse before giving them their haynets. I find that it takes the edge off and they don't attack the nets....( I weigh my net of hay and then pull out a flake to feed loose) My horses seem happier and my nets don't get huge holes! Also, once i get my hay flakes into the nets I actually pull the hay flake apart as much as possible- I have noticed that if I leave it in flake form it is really easy for the horse to pull out huge pieces of hay bunches because they are all stuck together....this keeps them engaged but not blowing through their ration.
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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