Mark ups on hoof radiographs request (Lavinia?)

Jenny Heishman


I had lateral views done on my 9yo IR gelding, Rico.  I have been trimming his hooves for two years and I am new at it, so wanted to get the radiographs to check my work.  I have reviewed some of Lavinia's mark ups in other folders and it looks like I have let the toes get too long.  I would really appreciate any further guidance/advice.  All welcome as I aim to keep this guy as healthy, happy and sound as possible.  Thank-you!

He is barefoot except for when we venture out (on foot or ridden) and then he wears Equine Fusion jogger boots on his front hooves.  Considering getting boots for his back hooves, too.

Radiograph images are here:


Jenny Heishman and Rico  
Bainbridge Island, WA   June 2018

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