Labs and Radiographs

Melissa Mathurin

Hi. I have a terrible time with the case history uploading and linking thing. Hope it works. We recently moved from MI to ME and my horse, Cooper, developed his second bout of laminitis. The new vet on 7/9/2020  increased his Prescend from 1 1/2 pills to 2 pills, increased his Thyro-L from 3 teaspoons to 4, had me continue his Metformin and then had me add InsulinWise. She drew insulin only and then did radiographs and had the farrier trim his front feet. She initially wanted to check insulin and ACTH in four weeks along with doing more radiographs and having the farrier trim again. I declined the second set of radiographs and the farrier visit. His trim left Cooper way worse then he started. So now she wants to wait until Sept 1st to retest ACTH (during the rise) and insulin. If Cooper's insulin is lower, how do I go about figuring out if the metformin or InsulinWise is working? Also how often do most people get radiographs? My MI vets rechecked his feet in 3 months, not four weeks. Thanks so much,
Melissa and Cooper 07/2019
Montville, ME

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