Continued high insulin


Thanks to everyone for their advice. As it will take me a while to add Ringo’s case history just wanted to advise current status. He is 15.2 15yr Connemara g. He weighs 935lbs which is an ideal weight. He has been off prevacox for one month. He is exercised 1hr x 2 week. 1/2hr x 2 week and hand walked 20min x 2 week. walk only although he is eager to go and sound But his xrays are not pretty. 7 degree rotation on fronts and 12 on hinds. He has been going to specialist farrier at Marion DuPont equine hospital for the past year. They have been working very slowly on his feet but are gradually beginning to look more normal. I have stopped the alam and replaced it with stabul 1. His hay tests 6.1 esc and starch.


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