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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for adding the radiographs and photos. Here's the link to the album:,,,20,2,0,0

When you have a moment, you can add that to your signature as well.

Sorry to hear Cooper had such a hard time after his trim. Glad he is feeling better and off the bute now. The trim removed all of the laminar wedge on both fronts and brought the breakover back considerably, which was needed.  LF toe was actually brought back a bit too far. Unfortunately, the trim also thinned Copper's soles, which were at just an adequate depth before the trim, so had nothing extra to remove. That is likely the biggest source of his post-trim discomfort. I can't tell if the frogs were trimmed but they don't appear to be even close to making ground contact and look as if they were also trimmed. If they were, that could be another source of the soreness and why he appears to be wanting to stand more on his toes right now.

His heels are underrun and significantly flared. That needs to be addressed but without losing any of the vertical height. That means they can't just be cut back further as that would result in his coffin bones becoming ground parallel (NOT what is needed).

The Cloud boots are a perfectly good way to manage him at this point and I don't see any reason to put any type of shoes on.

It would be helpful to see a full set of hoof photos, of all four feet. Here's the link to what's needed:

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