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Also, I am wondering what you all tend to see in terms of weight gain in PPID horses.  The consensus here seems to be that he should have gained more by now.  Certainly I wish he had gained more by now!  That said, I was pouring over the many sites and papers I found when initailly researching PPID, and I remembered/noticed that the Equine Endocrinology Group’s PPID manual lists both “Increased skeletal muscle along topline” and “Less pronounced rounding of the abdomen” as Long-Term Responses, which they define as 1-12 months.  Similarly, I seem to remember a study that Boehringer Ingelheim posted which indicated only about 50% of horses had an improved topline at 90 days following treatment initiation.  This info makes me feel better about how he’s currently looking, although I’m curious to hear more on this group’s thoughts/experiences regardig a “good” timeline for weight gain.

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