Re: Uncontrolled founder pain

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Pain can increase insulin and is the likely reason here. If you don't have a hay analysis, keep soaking.

I can't be certain on the abscess collections, but there's a strong possibility with this history. You can start her on the Jiaogulan before you are finished weaning Banamine.

Shifting lameness is a hallmark of Lyme in horses. Cornell has the best testing profile ,!/test_fee/search .

Her EMS is genetic. It's common in her breed. Nothing actually caused it. The high insulin levels and laminitis are a combined effect of inappropriate diet for her metabolism, excess weight, trim and insufficient exercise.

For her next trim I would maintain her toes/breakover in line with the new growth higher up and get to work on lowering the heels. Small changes are fine but they should be at no longer than 2 week intervals with each trim making positive progress over the one before it. If she has collections/abscesses to mobilize, it's going to be very difficult to have that happen until she is completely off the Banamine and has a more functional hoof form.

Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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