Re: Switching from Pergolide to Cabergoline


Thanks Martha, It's really scary when Knight wont eat since he is so thin right now. I will be sure to keep him on the APF before and after every injection from now on. We were scheduled to give his second injection on Monday, so I was going to start him back up today. I probably could have waited on the injection, but it freaked me out yesterday when he was laying down, in the hot sun, in the middle of the day. He NEVER lays down during the day. Again, it might have just been mild colic, but I wasnt taking any chances. The older he gets, the more this is happening (colic symptoms). He has never had a full blown colic episode, but these little "poor appetite, not eating at all, and laying down" episodes have been off and on since he was 3 years old.
ps. I have an awesome equine veterinarian, Vickie Smalley-Clark, who is always available to me :) Makes all the difference in the world when I can contact her at any time and talk things out!!
Susan Morgan
June 30, 2018
Ione, California
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