Re: Weight Gain Woes


Hi, Lindsay.

#2. Thanks for confirming that is bedding straw in the picture. I thought it might be, but you never know if you don't ask.  I did look at your hay analysis before I posted. I don't see improvement in Audi's body condition, either. I'm trying to solve that riddle.

#3. Yes, trickle feeding is optimal, but free feeding is not required. Equines don't need to have forage in their mouths 24 hours a day to be trickle fed.  Audi needs to consume enough calories to gain weight. Give him every advantage. If he were mine, I'd feed him alone and feed him with on the track too. 

Dominance alone doesn't guarantee that Audi gets his fair share of the hay on the track with another horse. I've seen this many times with my forever Beta mare, IR, voracious appetite. She's lived with two different dominant mares who were less hungry all the time. Boss Mare gets a sudden urge to reassert that role and marches over to Beta's almost empty hay net to inspect. Meanwhile, Beta charges over the Boss Horse's net and gobbles down as much hay as possible before Boss returns. This can happen many times in a 24 hour period. So while I'd like to keep my horses together, I can do that only when there is no hay or any other feed involved. I wait until the nets are empty and then turn them out together.

#4. Here's a good list of issues regarding pre- and probiotics. The best ones are not cheap.   I put them in the leave-no-stone-unturned category. It's often hard to know if they are the thing that works to make a change. OTOH, it is easy to know if they don't work if there is no change. 

#5. Glad to hear you're on top of deworming and parasites with all your critters.  Again, it's in the  leave-no-stone-unturned category. 

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