Cornell vs. BET lab results for Insulin



When I tested this time, the vet submitted a blood sample to BET labs.  BET labs came back with insulin at 39.75 uIU/mL – very close to Cornell at 44.8 uIU/mL.  I was under the impression that the BET lab costs would be reimbursed by ECIR but I’m not sure how that process is supposed to work.


As I have written in the past, Crackers did not respond to metformin in lowering his insulin – in fact, his insulin increased to 671.60 uIU/mL at which point I stopped giving it to him in January 2020 and started G’s Organic WIRX.  His Cornell numbers in March for Insulin and Glucose were 185.96 uIU/mL and 107 mg/dL. July tests for the same were 44.88 uIU/mL and 86 mg/dL.  Nothing changed in his diet or exercise except for WIRX.  I realize that these numbers when plugged into the EMS calculator indicate Uncompensated IR but over the course of 9 years he has only ever achieved Compensated status twice and that was many years ago.  I do believe WIRX has had an impact.  I will continue to test and track his progress. 


Another huge drop was in his Leptin number.  The previous two lab tests (January and March) were 16.91 and 13.98 ng/mL.  July’s leptin is 1.81 ng/mL.  I’m not sure what this means but it looks to be a significant drop in the right direction.  Also, the EMS calculator used to have an input for Leptin but it doesn’t exist any longer.  Has it been moved to a different area or is this something not necessary to test for any longer?  If leptin can be affected by various factors as mentioned in the welcome letters, why test for it at all?



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