Re: Was Red has gone sore again NOW: Hand Warmers in Socks


Thank you everyone, I will steer clear of the hand warmers, I have used them once before for myself and they do become quite warm, my trimmer is coming today, he was due for his 4 week trim last week but she couldn't come because of the weather, I never even gave winter laminitis a thought to be honest as we don't have the extreme temperatures here that a lot of you folks do but we have had a lot of frosts this Winter and the day time temps have been around 4C last week including the snow which we rarely have here, maybe once every 10-15 years, I have the sheepskin boots on him and my trimmer is bringing some hoof boots with her today so he's more comfortable, his scoot boots aren't really giving him any relief.
November 2018-Red, Poppet
Tasmania, Australia

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