Insulin Bloodwork...increasing

Cheryl Oickle

i just received Jewels blood work back and I am so disappointed. I will update case history again with new results but need some direction please. Currently remains on one mg prascend. Current acth now 7.7 up from 5ish and her insulin via Cornell  has jumped from 83.15 to 122 normal is 10 to 40... Glucose normal
she is exercised to death and micromanaged on her diet. Her weight is stable but have noticed her top line is not as great as last year,no change in behavior, no lameness feet fabulous.

Vet wants to increase her pergolide to 2 mg per day. In Spite of the numeric as above, could this be effective in decreasing her insulin. I will have to transition to CP as this is breaking the bank
Any suggestions would be helpful
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

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