Advice Please- our first laminitic episode

Kelly Gilmartin

Could the heat have caused this? We had seversal days of 100+ temps and Nothing changed in his management.....need advice- would you soak the hay whose analysis I have left in my case study even though esc+starch is under 10%? Also, how soon after the episode can I walk him? He is in a run out and we have noticed the last few days he is going outside to poop so he is more comfortable moving but if insulin is high how can I get that down without exercise and starvation? I am feeding only beet pulp without molasses, his supplements and hay.  How much beet pulp should I feed and for how long= can he stay on beet pulp instead of TCLite which is what he was getting before. He only got 1/2 lb of TCLite AM and PM which is a lower starch food.  I am feeling so guilty about it all. 
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