Re: Cornell vs. BET lab results for Insulin


Hi Dr. Kellon,

Yes, I am planning to have him re-tested in October and in January and will of course update.  How many months does it take for an increased dose of pergolide to have any affect? He reached 5mg in October 2019 but was still increasing in insulin numbers into January.  As far as any correlation between ACTH and insulin, I don't see it on his tests between 07-2019 to now.  It seems as though his body treats these as two separate things.  As to the cold weather, we do blanket him at night and during the day if it is below 40 degrees.  He is in an enclosed barn at night.  Is there anything else to be done to protect from cold weather effects?

And I won't beleaguer the BET lab reimbursement issue any longer - consider it my very small contribution to the cause.

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