Re: Cornell vs. BET lab results for Insulin

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

When pergolide changes are made during the seasonal rise, they may not take effect until well after it is over. At other times of the year, 3 to 4 weeks is enough to see the effects. ACTH is actually the most minimal hormonal change occurring in PPID. The metabolic effects of the other hormones circulating in higher amounts has not been well tested, but all are known to affect insulin sensitivity. This is probably why some horses have disconnect between ACTH levels and their clinical signs, and why some need ACTH in the low twenties or teens to be well controlled. ACTH is only a marker of a much bigger picture.

Cold weather should also be combatted by warm leg wraps and especially lined boots for the feet.

Your vet was reimbursed for the BET test and shipping.
Eleanor in PA 
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