Re: Cornell lab results, nutritional advice

Kandee Rockett

Hi Dr. Kellon,

Bunny's blood work showed a dramatic increase in ACTH and an increase in insulin.

April (stopped Prascend 2 weeks prior to blood draw)
 Insulin-   16.20
Glucose-    91
Leptin- 12.74

July 20
Insulin-   58.42
Glucose-   NONE on report
Leptin- 16.43
ACTH-  139
T4 2.00

I started her back on 0.5mg Prascend as soon as I got results on 8/5/20.
I plan on increasing to 1mg and more if needed.  
I would like to know how many days to give 0.5mg before increasing to 1 mg and how will I know if she needs 1.5 to 2 mg without doing another blood work?  

She was  tender after the last trim so the farrier took off and rasped less this time...she's not as tender (She is usually a little tender on gravel) 
She's stepping out at a good pace when walking on other surfaces.   She shows evidence of a ridge ring on hoof that could indicate something occurred (change in diet ?)  
She did aqua therapy at rehab facility in May for check ligament and had lost some weight.
The rehab owner thought she looked too thin and suggested I give her alfalfa pellets (2lbs Red River brand-- 1lb morn/1lb eve).  I only 
gave her 1lb in the evening because I was concerned about giving her alfalfa.  I had to switch to Standlee organic alfalfa bc couldn't find RR brand.  She gained a little weight and body condition looks good (she wasn't much under if at all).  I reduced to 1/2 lb and now she's only getting 1/4. 
The thing is Bunny acts like she feels fine...has energy, alert and stepping out when we ride. She seems happy.  She shed her coat.   Only indicators I saw were a little bit swollen udders and her neck seemed to be getting a little cresty again...that's when I reduced alfalfa pellets. 

She's on a dry lot and gets 4 flakes coastal (not tested-but same hay getting when did Apr blood work) and 1 flake timothy a day.  I started soaking 1 flake of coastal when I come to the barn in the evening. I don't have anyone to soak the rest and she can't wait that long to be fed (gets 2 at 6:30 a.m. and 1 at 3:00). Barn buddy gives 1 timothy late morning to noon time. 
She also gets TC Nat Timothy Cubes, salt, California Trace Plus, ground flax, J-Herb, Spirulina, Mag, Chaste Tree Berry, Nat Vit E, and Move Ease.

Thank you for any advice,  

Kandice and TWH Mare  Bunny 
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