Re: Dr. Kellon: Should Ike be on Metformin?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Julie,

Thanks for adding the pix.

Agree that Ike should remain in boots the majority of the time he isn't on a soft, yielding surface as the soles are quite thin. There is some sinking on the rads, so that is part of the the thin sole issue. On the fronts, the toes need to come back a bit more. Heels are somewhat underrun so the back half of the foot isn't providing the needed support. Medio-lateral balance appears OK, no obvious wall flaring. Frogs aren't as robust as they could be, which points to him not landing heel-first regularly. That will also contribute to the thinner soles.

On the hinds, the toes are too far out ahead of him and heels are seriously underrun. Again, he's not getting the support from the back half of the foot as it has been displaced. Frogs are much more robust than on the front feet.

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