Re: Insulin Bloodwork...increasing

Lorna Cane

Aha !
The nice woman at Top Shelf sent me some info. I am going to include this anyway,even though you are stopping it,Cheryl.

Protein Sources: Peas,Lysine HCl
Fibre Sources: Dehydrated alfalfa, wheat millrun
Minerals: Limestone,mono dicalcium phosphate, salt, copper sulphate, manganese oxide, manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulphate, calcium iodate, cobalt sulphate, selenium yeast, zinc methionine complex, copper lysine complex, cobalt glucoheptonate
Vitamins: A, D3, E H2 (biotin)
Energy Sources: Oil
Additives: Yeast culture
To be fed at 250 g ( ~1 1/3 cups) daily to 1000 pound horse.

Fibre sources are red flags,for sure. 

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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