Re: Dr. Kellon: Should Ike be on Metformin?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Unless the hoof has been overly trimmed, the issue isn't the thickness of the sole tissue, it's how close the coffin bone is to the ground - how low it is sitting in the hoof capsule. You can tell the difference on a radiograph by looking at where the extensor process is sitting compared to the coronary band. It should be level or even higher. His is dropped. The solution for this, and it does work, is described here . On his 7/11 radiographs there was still too much toe. Need to back that up and leave the rest of the foot alone, except for ramping the heels. Once that is done, he will start to develop concavity which will give him the ground clearance he needs. Sole "depth" = sole tissue thickness + concavity.  By making the feet grow faster, Jiaogulan can speed up the process but only if you don't let the toe get too long again between trims. Measure the toe length and take photos to help you keep track. Learn how to back up the toe yourself.
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