Joint supplement advice


My vet uses and recommended Equitop Gonex for a joint supplement. I was a little concerned about the inactive ingredients {Saccharose, glucose syrup, arabic gum, chlorophyll, natural apple flavor}, so I did a message search and found that it was not recommended. (

I am wondering if this is still the case? I did have him on Devil's Claw but now I am not sure if that is a suitable joint supplement (there is no pain to address, just trying to be proactive). 

I also found Cartiflex with the GLM but no other fillers {ingredients: DL-methionine (5.9 g) Perna Canaliculus (5.5 g) Seaweed meal (150 mg)Sodium selenite (0.6 mg) Vitamin E (300 mg)}
 I have limited options due to being in Canada.


New Brunswick, Canada


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