Re: Update on Flirt

Roger Benson

Thank you Dr. Kellon.  
Can you explain why you think metformin may not be working to reduce insulin levels, and why it might still be beneficial for pain control?  

Flirt has been on L-Car since early January when his insulin was greater than 200.  Do you think the L-Car is working more effectively than the metformin did?

I intend to experiment with his dosing of Tylenol.  There is no question that his comfort level has improved.  I am beginning to think that the improved trim has made a HUGE difference in comfort for him and may be the biggest factor for his improvement.  I will post new hoof pictures later this week after his trim on Thursday.

I thought the ratio of calcium and phosphorus was out of whack in the hay test results and made for bad hay.  Now high iron is noted.  Need to do more research.  Suggestions are invited.  

Would you agree that sugar and starch are within the acceptable range?  

Thank you again

Roger & Flirt
January 2018  Atwater, Minnesota
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