Re: Posting a new photo

Patricia Evans

I just posted a photo of Snickers front hoof. My vet said she thought it was the start of an auto-immune issue and wanted me to start applying a dex paste to his coronary band to "control" it, which I refused. I thought it was just his normal hoof growing out, but when I took pics and was able to see it close up on the screen, it does look different. Has anyone seen an example of a hoof based auto-immune disease in a horse? I looked it up on Google, but every picture looked very different from this and he has NO coronary band bumps, blisters, drainage, etc. Any ideas? She has me worried now. He is IR, possibly beginning PPID, but his ACTH was within range when his blood was taken in June and he had been off the Prascend for a month at that time, and was only on the Prascend during the seasonal rise last year.


North central Florida

July 7 2018


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