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Not a moderator, but interested to hear what hospitalization could actually do for his pain?  I cannot think of what they could do that you cannot do at home.

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My barefoot trimmer suggested I come here for advise and support. My 15 year old arab gelding has laminitis. Vet saw him last week and xrays show mild to moderate rotation. We suspect IR because he does have a cresty neck and he has been in green grass. He’s been living in my sandy arena while I wait for his Cloud boots. Trimmer is coming tomorrow to see if he can make him more comfortable with a corrective trim and he’s been on Bute for a week. He’s off the pasture and on limited low NSC hay. Oral Bute isn’t controlling the pain and he’s now got the camped back posture when he stands up. He’s spending a lot of time lying down, which seems like a good think for his feet, and he does get up to eat 2-3 times a day. We also have him on levothyroxine and Remission and California Trace. Is there anything else I should be doing? Will icing help with metabolic laminitis? Vet said next step is hospitalization if we can’t control his pain at home. Will Banamine work better? Not sure how to post pics yet but hopefully I’ll get that figured out soon. 
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