Re: Triple Crown Naturals Golden Flax

Nancy C

Hi Kelly

Regarding this flax, it is used by many members to fill the Essential Fatty Acid needs.  The concern with any high fat additive is not to give too much and use one that has the profile similar to fresh grass. This is important as most of our horses are not on grass. Flax is ~30% fat. To meet the EFA needs, you need only 2-4 weighed ounces per day, depending on the weight and history of your horse, . 

Edited to add: See Omega 3 and 6 info here.

Just to be clear, ECIR Group doesn't "approve" any feeds or supplements but -- in general -- recommends those that have have demonstrated the willingness to meet the needs of our members.  If you can't find the info on any label, members have found that writing to the company can often supply answers they seek and register customer concerns, sometimes moving the needle for the benefit of our horses.

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