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Cindy Giovanetti

Thank you.  You’re the best.

On Aug 16, 2020, at 11:21 AM, Eleanor Kellon, VMD via <drkellon@...> wrote:

I haven't read the whole first article but just the abstract  shows insulin going higher, not lower, with chromium:

"following the GTT did not differ among controls and horses given 8 mg Cr/d. Following glucose infusion, serum insulin concentrations were greater (P < 0.05) in horses fed 2 or 4 mg Cr and tended to be greater in those fed 8 mg Cr/d compared with controls."

It's not clear how they defined insulin sensitivity.

The second study I have read in its entirety. It studied young horses on very high grain rations. They found glucose was cleared more quickly with chromium but "No difference in insulin sensitivity was detected (P > .10)."
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