Re: Invokana- How can I get it for my horse


I have a human glucometer. It's accurate enough. Be sure to read all the literature about calibration, use and accuracy before buying. My results have been plus or minus 5 pg/ml of the lab values, so I feel comfortable with the results from my unit. I don't use the lancet to draw blood but rather use a drop of the blood from any blood draw the vet does at the time of testing. You'll have to learn to use the lancet to draw blood through horse hide. 

It is not a money saver. The device itself is cheap, a lost leader for the sale of the supplies. The device is designed to be used at least once a day, every day, so supplies should be used up quickly. The test strips, lancets and calibration fluid are not cheap and can have short expiration dates. It does NOT test insulin.
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