Re: Help for Teeny immature neutrophils high CPK


I finally got the last part of Teeny's bloodwork (CBC).  It is uploaded in my case history.  
I requested that the vet call Cornell to have them run a Lyme test last week and they did.  It was negative.  I do not have the paper copy of the result.

Teeny continues to not want to eat her full ration of Timothy Balance Cubes.  She seems to be as energetic as usual but she is getting skinnier by the day.  I caught her eating shavings the other day.  She also tried to eat a big piece of bark when I put her in the  round pen for a few minutes while I hosed out her stall.  I took it from her of course but this is not typical behavior for this little old lady.  

We are quite concerned about her and the vet is unsure how to proceed.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  
Terri Jennings with Teeny, Finn and Elliott
Arcata, CA
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