Re: Treating for Lyme's ?

Sherry Morse

Hi Amy,

You may find the Cornell article on the Lyme multiplex helpful if you haven't already read it: but in a nutshell for OspF anything over 1250 is positive, even if it's a low positive.  OspC anything over 1000 is positive and both being positive indicate an early infection.  For your guy I'd say he's low positive and what would be the harm in treating him.  As far as the Lyme treatment you need to advocate for him.  If he has symptoms of Lyme even with the relatively low OspF numbers and you want to spend the money to treat him, it's not the vet's decision, it's yours.

What is his current insulin level?  Was the Metformin started at the same time as the bute?  Do you have a CH for this horse? There are too many unknowns to be able to give you any sort of an answer if the laminitis is related to IR and PPID vs. Lyme, but having that information may help us help you better.

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