Re: Recent Bloodwork results- where should I go next?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Kelly,

Before jumping to meds for IR, you will want to make sure the basics are in place.  It's not clear to me from your Case History if Buddy is still on pasture, it says 0 hours in one place and 4 hrs in another.  If he is getting any grass or weeds, that needs to stop ASAP.   You can also soak his hay, at least until you can have it tested and confirmed to be low sugar.  His most recent high insulin is worrying and although I'm not sure if it was done before Aug 1, or after Aug 1 when his pasture was reduced/stopped, it is likely why he is laminitic.  Until these 2 basics are in place, we usually don't recommend meds.

The Insulin Wise may help a little, but if you look at the study used to promote it, it seems to me it has little effect (and possibly not at all for many of our members), but I don't think it's harmful (just $$$).  The vitamin C supplement (how many mg is 2 scoops?) will increase his iron absorption, which will worsen insulin so unless it's absolutely necessary for his joints I would not give it to an IR horse long term.  There are other supplements that can be given for joints.

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