Prascend vs Compounded Pergolide Confusion

Cheryl Oickle

It has been suggested that I increase Jewels prascend to 2 mg due to her insulin rise per her CH. She has tolerated the increase to 2 mg without a bump and that is where she is to stay, with no further increase 
Costs have increased and I will be transitioning to the Compounded product soon as my prascend is finished. Here in lies the confusion: My vet says that 3 mg of the compounded is equivalent to 2.1 mg of the prascend as the compounded is only 0.7 mg per 1 mg pergolide mesylate dispensed.
The pharmacy is on the Island( Shawnigan Lake aka Island Pharmacy) and very reputable and runs quality checks. I spoke to the pharmacist and she confused me even more and feels the switch would increase her to 3mg from the 2 mg of prascend I currently have her on , if the script is dispensed at 3mg Compounded.  My vet disagrees.
HELP....I hope this makes sense.  Jaini Clouther....perhaps you could chime in.

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

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