Re: Excessive Drinking and Urination, Confused and Concerned


Thanks so much for  the replies.    Maybe my notations/dates on the Case History aren't following standard,(or I forgot to save previous updates) but he is not on any Purina feed at this point,  Just Soaked Hay (15lbs) and 1lb of Stride 101 Balancer  which was recommended by my vet.   

Anyway, your replies trigger a couple of basic questions that I'm unclear on re: Medications:
1) Does Prescend provide any benefit for EMS/IR horse that does not test positive (ACTH)  for PPID?
2) Does Thyro-L have any benefit for EMS/IR horse other than helping weight loss?

Sounds like I need to revisit PPID and maybe work with someone from the ECIR approved list  to customize his supplements based upon analysis of his hay 

Yes, I will update the case history.  Thanks again. 
Joe S. in TX 2020

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