Re: Twister Diarrhea again


When my 29yr old developed diarrhea a few months ago and psyllium and bio sponge failed we started him on metronidazole for 10 days but I had already purchased Uckele GUT so also started that within days of the metronidazole.  I added Absorb all after reading about in on the Uckele site when another member used that instead. Dr. Kellon's response to a question on the site was they could be used together. My old guy loves the GUT but sifted through the Absorb all much of the time but I have another horse that I have on both products. Look at the ingredients in GUT. I think it made a huge difference in returning my senior's manure back to normal. The metro stopped the diarrhea but the GUT resumed the manure back to normal over about a months time. 

Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

Case History:

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