Re: Bella's Insulin has Increased


Hi Kirsten,
Thanks very much for your response, the information is very helpful.  Here are a few comments in response to your input, and also a few questions, please.
Getting the Insulin and ACTH retested makes sense, and I think I will do it before starting any Metformin.  And then possibly retesting after starting the Metformin (maybe a month after?)
To clarify, the Insulin was done at Cornell both in Feb and also in July.  The same July sample was also sent to BET, per Dr. K's research request.  In other words, Bella's levels from Cornell for Insulin were: 117.97 (Feb) and >200 (July).  And from BET 176.59 (July).
Bella is currently on a dry lot.  I had the dry grass in the pasture tested because I was curious to see the analysis, and possibly considering putting the donkeys on it after the neighbor's horses had grazed it down.  
When I collected the samples from the pasture, the grass had been dry for a couple months in the high desert here.  And I collected samples from 24 different locations.  For my learning, could you please explain what you mean by "I would caution you that your dry grass pasture analysis is not going to be representative"? 
Regarding soaking the hay.  I have held off doing this until I receive the test results for the well water.  Question please - if the water is high in iron, would soaking the hay in this water increase the horses' iron consumption significantly, thus having a negative impact?
Thanks again, your input is greatly appreciated.

Lynn Cox
Kern County, CA

May, 2007 

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