Re: Easy Boot Cloud Fitting advice

Maxine McArthur

Hi Nancy
Sorry I came late to this thread. I found the Clouds were hard to get on the first week or so. Had to use a rubber mallet to tap them on. It was a bit easier with Curash powder liberally applied. I couldn't get the straps closed all the way across.
However, after a week or so of wear, and regular washing, they softened up, and the pad started to mold to my horse's feet, and eventually they slid on like comfy slippers and the straps did up all the way. After several months of use (mostly 12 hours at night), the pads needed replacing and the boots were a little harder to get on, but not that much. The velcro did lose it's stickiness after 3-4 months and I wrapped duct tape around the straps every night. I was impressed with the boots' longevity. The only time my horse lost one in turnout was before I realised the velcro had died and hadn't used the duct tape. 
I'd give it a week or so for the boots to settle in--in the meantime, the rubber mallet is useful. Make sure the hoof is clean and dry and powdered, and that you use the 'farrier stance' to hold the foot between your knees so you can use both hands to rock the boot on. 

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