Re: is ESC affected by hay curing?

Jennifer Murphy

I have a similar situation, and now I'm curious as to what that answer might be considering ESC.

My hay supplier cut, dried, and baled one field just for me.  He cut early in the morning so the sugar would be low.  He delivered 100 bales and I had that tested using the 601 test.  The ESC came back at 8.3, the starch at .6 - sampled on 6/23, and I think the hay had been baled for a week or two.  He brought a second load and just for interests sake, I tested that load.  The ESC came back at 6.3, the starch at .7 - sampled on 7/6 using the 601 test.  The third and final load was delivered and after reading on this site that the wet chemistry test was recommended, I sent in yet another sample for the 603 test.  The ESC came back at 9.4 and the starch at .5 and that was sampled on 7/10.  I think I'll take one more sample and just have the ESC tested to see if there was any change.  You would expect to get fairly similar numbers throughout the 400 bales all from the same field.

The moisture contend on the three loads ranged from 7 to 9%, but it's been so humid that a lot of the bales just smell off.  I tossed one bale into the woods yesterday that had no visible mold, no dusty spores released when opened, but it just didn't smell right to me. 

Jennifer in NH

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