Re: Feed Analysis

Kirsten Rasmussen

The toxic limit for iron in horse hay is 500 ppm, and ideally it would be 100 or less.  Likely iron this high is from surface dirt on the hay.  In looking through the messages I saw there are a couple things you can do.  First, make sure your sampling probe and container are clean.  Second, look through some bales to see if there are any dirt clumps.  If there are, maybe your probe went through one.  If not try vigorously shaking off the hay and see what falls out, and/or rinse and dry a representative sample and send that for iron analysis.  Hopefully vigorous shaking, +/- rinsing will remove enough iron to make this hay safe to feed.  Either way, whatever you do to lower the iron for a follow-up hay test should be done every time you feed.

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