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Kirsten, Tipperary"s ideal weight would be around #1050, which would equate to appx.16 lbs of hay. He currently gets daily 15 lbs , plus one pound of hay cubes, and one pound of Equal balance chopped hay per day.  I can't feed him hay in a hay net as it triggers his COPD. So I feed him shaken out flakes of steamed hay three times a day. I discontinue feeding him beet pulp in the summer as it just adds pounds. I can't reduce his hay any further. Reducing calories is one part of this, exercise is another. Just like with humans, Calories in , energy out.  All that changes however with health problems, age,  As an older horse, I have to be cognizant that he doesn't have great teeth, he doesn't absorb nutrients as well, and he needs a consistently filled gut for it to work properly. Colic in older horses is a big concern for me, I've lost a couple of horses to severe colic and I do not chance it . His hay is very moderate in sugar and starch. He's currently on 8 mgs. of pergolide as he does have out of range ACTH and I have increased him 1 mg in the last few weeks. I"m already seeing improvement in the stubborn fat pads he was carrying and in his crest. He doesn't get much exercise, I haven't ridden him in years and he is no longer breeding. So lack of exercise is one of the issues.
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