Re: Update on Flirt

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Roger, it is so good to hear of Flirt's progress!

His feet look much better but given how sore he looks standing still, like Lorna advised I would not be handwalking just yet.  He looks like he would be still hobbling around slowly.  Allowing him to move at will is probably better for nonow,  unless he is noticeably more comfortable with boots/pads on and you use them for handwalking. 

Also, given his continued high insulin and looking at your new hay analysis, I STRONGLY recommend soaking it for 1 hr in cold water, then rinsing it off before feeding for the best outcome for Flirt  That will help remove some of that excess iron (it is very high for an IR horse) that Dr Kellon wants you to shake or rinse off before feeding, and it will reduce the ESC even further and can only help Flirt feel better.  I too have a hay that is around 7% ESC+starch and the difference in my horse when I soak it is notable.

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